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All our services are provided in German, English and Polish. 
Our services cover in particular the following areas of activity:

Consultancy in the area of possibilities of entering the Polish market

We will prepare your investment comprehensively.

Legal services

We will take care of your business from the legal side.

Firmencenter services

We will make all administrative and organizational matters.

Establishment of business entities

We will arrange for you any formalities.

Special offer for transport firms

We will take care of your transport company carefully.

Accountancy services

We will lead your accounting in accordance with Polish regulations.

Personnel management

We will find the best employees for you.

VAT refund from abroad

We will win your VAT back from the EU Internal Revenue Services.

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More than 100 foreign and domestic companies have used our services.

TDG FK Sp. z o.o.

Poland is a perfect place offering numerous investment and business opportunities. Reports prepared by various international economic organisations emphasize Poland's economic and political stability, well educated and competent workforce as well as large internal market. During the period of the world economic crisis Poland strengthened its position not only in the region of Central and Eastern Europe, but also on the whole European stage. The Polish economy rests on solid foundations ensuring favourable conditions for further sustainable development. Poland is the only European country to have successfully weathered the storm of the global economic crisis without even a short period of recession and with the highest rate of economic growth among the EU countries. Year after year the international business community presents more and more positive opinions on the investment climate in Poland.
TDG FK Sp. z o. o. is a company specialising in the provision of active support measures for both foreign and domestic business enterprises either starting or continuing their business activities in the Polish market. We are a team of exceptionally motivated, dedicated and cooperation-oriented specialists who understand the needs and requirements of their clients and partners. More than a hundred foreign and domestic companies have already taken advantage of our skills, qualifications and competencies.
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